< Safety Measures for Suizhong Power Plant in Liaoning Province
Safety Measures for Suizhong Power Plant in Liaoning Province



Project Introduction
Suizhong Power Generation Co., Ltd. is located in Liaoning Province, adjacent to the Bohai Sea to the south, Yanshan Mountain to the north, Shanhaiguan to the west, and Huludao to the east. It is an important power supply support point connecting the North China and Northeast power grids. In recent years, the management level and operating performance have continued to rise, and the main economic and technical indicators have reached the advanced level of similar units in China.
Huiyou Security Patrol Zero Safety Hazards
Liaoning Suizhong Power Plant takes "safety, stability, efficiency, and development" as its work theme, strives to practice the corporate values of "safety is the sky, honesty is the foundation, innovation is the soul, and dedication is the glory", conscientiously implements the "four responsibility systems" with safety, technology, equipment, and civilized production as the core content, continuously introduces international advanced management concepts and excellent culture, and pursues "zero waste" of resources and "zero defects" in work Manage 'zero vulnerabilities'.
In order to strengthen safety production management, Liaoning Suizhong Power Plant has introduced the Huiyou An electronic patrol system. According to the characteristics of the factory area, the management center installs patrol points at locations that require inspection, as well as safety hazards and blind spots for monitoring. By setting up the inspection plan through the backend software, the inspector holds a patrol machine to patrol according to the set route and designated time, which can achieve recording and assessment management of the security work situation.
Addressing hidden dangers
1. Make inspection records well documented, prevent patrol personnel from missing inspections, improve safety awareness, and achieve scientific and modern management.
2. According to the plan, inspect the operation status of various fire protection systems, alarm systems, and equipment in the factory to ensure that the equipment is in good condition and can play its due role.
3. Ensure the quality of inspection, timely understand and identify problems, and reduce safety accidents caused by safety hazards.
4. By analyzing and processing patrol information through system software, useful information is provided to patrol personnel, and corresponding strategies are formulated to control security issues in their early stages and prevent them from happening.