About us

HUA is a research and manufacturing enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, marketing, and service of safety intelligent inspection system technology, focusing on improving the safety level of the enterprise Control the probability of various safety accidents to a "zero" embryonic state. Always start from the market perspective and customer needs, provide comprehensive safety assurance services for customers

Safety originates from high-quality products
13 years since the establishment of the company
The amount of individual inspection projects reaches RMB 10 million
Annual R&D investment accounts for 40% of the company's annual profit

Why choose us

Efficient and stable

12 years of industry inspection experience, with functions optimized year by year based on user habits and industry development, providing customers with high-performance, intelligent, and easy-to-use inspection management systems

Rich Scenarios

The system has powerful and rich functions, diverse types of handheld devices, and a three in one system backend, suitable for inspection management requirements in various industries

Customer recognition

So far, we have won multiple large-scale industry inspection projects and actively expanded overseas markets through global layout and collaboration, making the world safer

Customization development capability

According to customer needs, whether it is shell design, software and hardware source program modification, we can customize a series of security management systems that meet the actual application needs of customers

Qualification certification

Qualification certification has multiple invention patents, 6 utility model patents, 26 software patents, etc. In 2015, it became an international high-tech enterprise

A comprehensive product system

The authoritative certification we have obtained

EU Trademark Registration Certificate

On December 20, 1993, the European Union Conference passed the European Community Trademark Regulations, abbreviated as CMTR. EU countries such as the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain have implemented a trademark system that is used in all EU countries (as of July 1, 2013, the EU has expanded to 28 countries)

US Trademark Registration Certificate

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